Transpicuous Views June 4 2017: Cryptocurrencies, Hydrogen, and the Current of Water

…and the days just keep getting weirder!!  In this episode of I discuss the latest on crypto/electronic currencies, and the fact that ALL GOVERNMENTS  are about to release their own electronic currencies, and I show a video from SONM that will blow your socks off (think: at TED talks!!). I also dug into what could be the of them all:  Has the atomic structure of changed?!?  There’s more research and gathering of opinions and discussions to be had on this subject, but at this point of the 78 people who responded on facebook to the question:

Without looking, what do you know about the structure of hydrogen?

A) A atom is made up of one proton, one neutron and one electron.

B) A atom is made up of one proton and one electron.

2/3s of the people who responded remember Hydrogen (and no, we’re not talking about the Isotope 2- Deuterium!) as having one proton, one electron and one NEUTRON and an atomic weight of 2…. not 1, as it’s now stated to have!!

We also discussed “Water” and all it’s abilities and the fact that there is nothing else like it anywhere!

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4 thoughts on “Transpicuous Views June 4 2017: Cryptocurrencies, Hydrogen, and the Current of Water”

  1. All talk about gold, psychic powers and playing music at different frequencies was totally pinging me about one of my favourite 4 volume fantasy called The Saga of the Exiles by Julian May first published in 1981. I have never heard anyone talking about this series but it is absolutely fantastic about time travel, prehistory and the Danu!!!

  2. I think it’s pretty telling just how important water is to spirituality. Even the mainstream religions imbue it with prayers and such in order to “purify the body/soul”. The destruction of pure water sources is definitely not a coincidence. I think in order to poison the human populace you need to poison the water sources. for they are one in the same.

  3. The first thing that stands out to me reading Silent Weapons, bottom of page 5 is this:
    “With the creation of the maser in 1954, the promise of unlocking unlimited sources of fusion atomic energy from the heavy hydrogen in sea water and the consequent availability of unlimited social power was a possibility only decades away.”

  4. I posted this a couple months ago in response to a OPRT and other things to no response so I figured it wasn’t relevant to any one… In light of this TN show I was moved to ressurrect it as well as the research that inspired its elements.

    Dani- perhaps you might find it interesting- at least as a theory for the mysterious disappearing re appearing pasta goes 😉

    A Dream and a Theory Regarding Mysteriously Disappeared Items and Inter-dimensional Time Travel

    It starts with a dream
    Some time between midnight and dawn I was in a twilight state of sleep having a semi-lucid dream during which I thought I was awake because I intuited that what was happening was related to something I needed to know to solve a “problem” in this (current, consciously, “normally experienced” present-awake state) “reality”.
    But – its like that semi-conscious dream/sleep state and this lucid/awake state are becoming more and more blurred and less acutely defined, and the transition space where they are both simultaneously real is expanding and I perceive them as interactively “entangled” and not as two distinct states of consciousness. While entrenched in dream “reality”, that is normal and in the process of transitioning to wake-up time, the experience of dream reality becomes less tangible as consciously perceived “reality”. In direct proportion to dream “reality” fading, wake-up time “reality” becomes more tangible and so even if the dream “reality” lingers a bit and bleeds into the wake-up there is an awareness of the dream as dream/not real. The two may overlap in the transition but do not occupy conscious perception with equal clarity. Lately – this week- as I am becoming more “awake” -consciously aware of transitioning – and wake-up time “reality” asserts its presence, the dream time “reality” remains equally “real” for for a bit and when it does begin to fade and relinquish more of its hold to wake-up time, the transition takes longer and the point of definitive demarkation harder to determine….

    Anyway, I started writing that over a week ago but distraction put a lot of space in between I just put it aside until 2 minor, separate and seemingly tangentially related references on You tube made me decide to “just put it out there.” The first was during the interview Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio conducted with Lisa M. Harrison this past weekend 2/19/17. They were discussing the layers of the construct, what could exist in the Space Beyond the Veils, and how/what would it be like to pass thru the last veil into that Space. Jay Pee made kind of a joke saying something like (And I am extrapolating from my understanding in addition to what I interpreted him to be saying) – We would all have to become “Bucky Balls” and turn ourselves inside out when we get to the other side. The other reference came from Randy Maugins during an interview with Duncan O’Finnian. I was not familiar with the guest and did not hear much to that interested me except for one moment when Randy was talking about how he had begun to notice the lines between dream time and awake time blurring and described it very much like I did above.

    Ok so here;’s the dream:

    I was in a landscape of hills and the hills had holes in them and there was another “mirror” landscape on “the other side”, at an angle to the plane I was standing on. I was with two other people- an adult and a youth – pre-teen or teenage boy. We are being pursued and we are also trying to find something (unspecified or not translatable) I know we need to get to the other plane of hills and holes and that what we are searching for and our means of eluding our pursuers are one and the same thing. But the terrain is like an M.C. Escher drawing in that there is a lot of depth and dimension but no apparent connection between the varying surface planes.

    The surfaces of the planes are also shifting very subtly, and eventually I detect a pattern to the movement and the key to the relationship between them. I know then that this is the way from the one to the other, Into one of the holes and out another on the other plane. We just have to time it correctly and make the jump… In the mean time we hide among the hills constantly moving to avoid capture from our pursuers.

    I watch and time and when I see an opening I signal my companions to make the leap into the first hole but they stumble or hesitate and only the adult makes it in clean. I am bringing up the rear and and boost the youth up into the hole shouting at the adult to go on as I see the window of opportunity fast closing… I will find a way to make the next jump…

    The transition to awake reality had already begun at this moment and I am losing the dream “reality- the landscape of hills and holes has begun to break down and dis-integrate and I am beginning to become aware of the solidity of my bed beneath me, my room around me and my home of awake reality drawing me to consciousness.

    As I emerge into that reality and my body I hear “The key to finding the lost things will be Cavitation Balls.” This is referring to one of the OPRT shows discussing items gone missing- Dani’s pasta and a child’s two stuffed animal friends – the “problem” I had gone to sleep pondering. I had hear Richard Alan Miller several times talking about “time travel and saying the solution to it is cavitation balls which I think are also referred to as “Bucky Balls” after Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes- … and there’s a whole lot of theory that goes into the why of their significance that I cannot articulate yet, but it has to do with the surface planes on the outside and the amount of space inside for shape and the the relationship between vortices, velocity, and friction in the creation of the balls themselves. So there you go…

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