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UnFuckIt Discussion: Feb 5th 2020

In this age of insanity, it’s vital that we keep our calm and endeavor to maintain a balance and an ability to observe what’s playing out as an observer, without allowing ourselves to get pulled into the “Panic” and “Fear” and running around screaming that the sky is falling.  We opened our discussion last night with a rational look at the Coronavirus- minus the “conspiracy theories”, minus the wild accusations of who, what, where, why, when, how.  Just the facts mam’.  We also talked about the financial, tech, social media and mega corporations stealing our data, and demanding information that is blatantly ILLEGAL for them to ask for. Welcome to the Days of Insanity my friends!!




Scientific Studies on Essential oils against viruses, bacterias and fungal infections


“Mini-Ice Age is coming”


This is a handout I made for a group of teens when I was teaching natural health lessons last summer.























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