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UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 27 2019


The past 2-3 weeks has been non-stop insanity from start to finish, in every realm of our existence it seems!!  We opened yesterday’s UnFuckIt Discussion on the topic of the global uprisings and protests that are currently happening in all but 24 countries…. yes my friends, every country in the world, with the exception of 24 of them, are experiencing massive protests and public uprisings!!!!  We dug into the topic of working within our community to make real changes and discussed how to co-opt what has been co-opted, to bring about real solutions within our local communities.  From there we got into the real woo woo conversation- the massive “Mandela Effects” playing out in personal lives, the epic Deja Vu’s, the weird time anomalies and the physical symptoms of the craziness of this reality.

After the Live Stream was closed down we stuck around for our usual “Aftershow” discussion…and it was such a good one, that I will be releasing it publicly later on today!!  Ben and Nick join us for some serious discussion of Voyager 2’s epic crossing through our solar systems “firewall” and what that means for so called “accepted physics”…. ’cause the electric universe just announced that it’s real in a very very big way!!!  So join us in the next video as we dig into the realms of Science!… stay tuned!