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UnFuckIt Discussion- Happy Whatever Year it is!

WOW!  What a discussion we had last night!!  Astrophysics, electric universe, consciousness, … and several “grumpy ol’ lady” rants tossed in just to keep it funny!   Last night’s discussion was LIVE STREAMED on for the very first time, all all our shows will now go out over Twitch LIVE, so please take a moment to visit our page there and subscribe:

The AfterShow Discussion will be released on for members later this afternoon, along with the discussion I had with Ben and Ann the night before.



This is brilliant in that it clearly shows that most of modern physics is based on old theories that have been DISPROVEN, therefore all basic models of astrophysics is basically bullshit>

This one stands out for me- at the 15 minute mark he’s talking about a Pentagon mission to the arctic, and what was written. Take everything we’ve seen, from Hollywood, and in the news about Pole shifts/flips, and cataclysms,…. this is them drip feeding the information to the public.

At the 15 minute mark he also talks about the RAND corporation’s involvement- which is the same corporation involved in the CHANI project.



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