Astrology 2.0: Battle of the Charts 2

Taking a look at the current insanity across the planet, and the hints of what’s about to come into play over the next few months: cheater hint: hold onto your hats as we move past September and into 2022!!! April 2022 seems to be shaping up to make this past few months look like a walk in the park. Today we looked at the charts for Bill Gates again, comparing his charts to Fauci’s …. they’re in for quite an insane ride next year and their proverbial worlds come apart at the seems! And the “bot” Mark Zucherberg’s chart… the errand boy. We’ll be getting together again soon as there are several more charts we want to look at and compare: Biden, Trudeau, Johnson…. and Elon Musk!







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  1. I find this fascinating. Did you know that the cyberpoly global “test” is slated for July 9th? yeah – the New Moon. Don’t try to tell me “they” are not going along with Astrology. The test is conducted by large corporations to “make sure” they are “safe” in case of and “event” that could affect their security. Did I mention that a similar test was done 6 months before the roll out of Covid? yeah. that. September is going to be a bitch. I’d start prepping.

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