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UnFuckIt Discussion, June 9 2021

The insanity grows, but sometimes you just have to laugh…. seriously: it’s gotta be a gigantic joke, right?  The latest bullshit from the Paris accords zero emissions/carbon neutral idiots- please tell me that these morons are not the ones making the decisions!!!!! Covid Vaccine propaganda, and my gut feeling of what we may see in September.  Are we about to see the world finally wake up and revolt against the criminally negligent governments and corporations?  A new “Prepping” discussion will be happening soon- seriously folks, it’s time to be ready for the shit to hit the fan!  Oh and we always laughed about accents for about 20 minutes too…. like I said, you have to laugh sometimes.





REP_Absolute_Zero_V3_20200505 Covid-19 Risks vs. Vaccine Risks