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UnFuckIt Discussion, June 2 2021

Last night’s UnFuckIt Discussion was brilliant.

We opened talking about the “darkness” that feels like it’s coming towards us this autumn- not destruction/war/disaster type darkness, but emotional darkness.  The information about COVID and the “vaccine” is coming out fast and furiously, and very soon I think we will reach the tipping point, where the general public will be hit with the stunning revelations that they’ve been physically, financially, emotionally harmed by these actions.  At that point, there will be pandemonium.  Be Prepared my friends.  We continued through the discussion on so many topics, from the latest covid bullshittery, and financial/political insanity, but we rounded out the show with a great discussion on health, herbs, and intuition.

Sending huge love and healing out to our very own Dawn, who was attacked by 3 large dogs on Tuesday.

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