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UnFuckIt Discussion, June 26 2019

Last nights .  We opened up the show talking about some very weird physical symptoms that a LOT of people have been experiencing over the past few weeks.  Then we dove down a rabbit hole that I haven't really visited since 2012- UFOs, Bob Lazar, Skinwalker Ranch.  It's not the specific storyline that I was interested in reviewing these videos (posted below), but some very interesting pieces that were brought up as “asides” – dots that seem to connect to several topics that we've been discussion for many years now.

NOTE: with Youtube deleting accounts and demonitizing truth speakers left right and center (they demonitized me back in 2016!), I am making a move over to BitChute and DTube- I will be double posting here on youtube as well for a while, but I am asking all my subscribers to please subscribe to my Dtube and BitChute accounts as well.!/c/daniarnold



As an interesting aside note to last nights discussion- this is a short video commentary by former Canadian government minister, Paul Hellyer, about the latest “disclosures”.