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Transpicuous Views: 1,000,000 Acts of Kindness


I hosted a special Transpicuous Views interview with Kevin Schlosser from Kindness Canada, to talk about the amazing and inspiring new “game” app that he and his partner are currently crowdfunding:  1,000,000 Acts of Kindness.

When Kevin first told me about this project I was immediately drawn to it, and felt instinctively that yes! The time is NOW for this project.



We decided that it was time that we needed to begin to teach each other to look at the world in a different way. We decided we needed to do something to change the current mainstream narrative of the big scary world! This project is the beginning of the change we want to see in the world! This is the beginning of the game that will change the world!…


We will do this using our exciting interactive kindness-cards along with a fun new app, which will include games like kindness missions, along with inspiration and fun ideas for your kind acts.

Our app will allow you to document a story about your good deed, pin it on a world map along with the 999,999 other good acts. You can also pass the card to another person and create chains of kindness! It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you are in the world ……… can play this game!

In our discussion last night, Kevin gets into the roots of this project and describes his dream for it to unfold in a way that we all will feel so much better about what we are doing in our lives.

It’s time to re-connect to our communities and re-build our personal interactions with others…. and kindness is the key!

This is the Game Crowdfunding link:–P5d35PPKqnPg04en0LE-BSXMZxmmtbPxxkxs8xjUzfrxPVQSvFfVp0

Please share the Crowdfunding link with your groups, friends, and family!! 

Want to get involved in this amazing project?  You can contact Kevin at canadakindness at gmail dot com.

After the interview, Kevin hung out with the UnFuckers and I and we had a great discussion about community and UnFucking the world.  The after show discussion will be available to members of