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UnFuckIt Discussion, June 12 2019

….And the insanity continues!  I refused to talk about the political and financial insanity last night- nope just not gonna do it- but we discussed the critically insane weather globally, the impending food shortages in the next few months due to the massive floods and hail storms throughout the US and Europe- not to mention India and China!  Time to start stocking up folks!  And the physical anomalies and symptoms that we’ve been experiencing for the last few weeks- skin crawling itching tingling…. cramping of the lower legs, pain in the major muscle groups and back etc.  And of course, the personal “mandela Effects” that are now happening almost weekly.  Is the construct failing?


SIDE NOTE: with Youtube deleting accounts and demonitizing truth speakers left right and center (they demonitized me back in 2016!), I am making a move over to BitChute and DTube- I will be double posting here on youtube as well for a while, but I am asking all my subscribers to please subscribe to my Dtube and BitChute accounts as well.!/c/daniarnold