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UnFuckIt Discussion- Oct 17 2018

Last night the UnFuckers dug into some seriously intense discussions, so much so that while the live feed ended after two hours, we kept on going for almost another hour and a half after that! (the after show discussion will be released in a separate members only video).

  • The main stream media has picked up the “NPC” concept and twisted the narrative into a very politically charged distraction.  We took a very deep look at the “NPC”, “bots”, “Backdrop people” theory, and it’s ramifications.
  • The release of a CIA document from 1983: analysis of the Gateway Process- is this documentation that supports the theory that we are living in a holographic simulation?
  • What the fuck is going on in our skies?  From the shutting down of solar observatories in Sept, to major satellites and rovers going into “safe” mode, and the physical bullshit that we are now seeing almost daily….

And below I want to add another absolutely bizarre anomaly that showed up this morning in my new feed (video below)…Purple Sky?  WTF?

In the after show discussion I really got into the subject that we have to NOT believe everything the alt media is telling us and have to start looking at the evidence around us and digging for actual facts, vs programmed responses, ie: “Agenda 21”, “Chemtrails”, “5G is going to fry us”, and several other continuous Fear Porn programs that are pushed out daily into our awareness.



CIA-simulated reality doc



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