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WTF! Time Loop to Dec 2012?

Have we just Looped/jumped back to Dec 2012? This was an impromptu conversation between myself, Jeff Gates and Ben Grose. Yesterday morning I spent time reviewing the articles I wrote in late December 2012 and early January 2013 on my old Removing the Shackles website…. and holy SHIT!!! WTF?! It feels like we have literally looped right back to December 2012!!!! In this discussion, we briefly talk about D-Wave Quantum computers, CERN, the QAnon and 4Chan stuff, and the continuing conversation that has been ongoing since 2015 that we are somehow jumping/looping time. Crazy Shit folks! SIDE NOTE: RTS.Earth is completely FUBAR- we will probably have to completely rebuild it from scratch- which means we loose EVERYTHING that has been done since it’s birth. Sorry darlins…. we’ve done every thing we can at this point!

**Sorry! finally had a moment to add this recording from last Saturday to RTS Earth!!**

Article I wrote back in January 2013:

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