TV Deep Immersion April 17 2019: Emily Moyer, Jeff Gates & Dani Arnold


I warned everyone when we went live last night that this discussion was unscripted and that we were flyin’ by the seat of our pants…

Last night’s Deep Immersion with Emily Moyer (from Off Planet Radio) and Jeff Gates and myself was a wild journey and 2 hours flew past like it was 20 minutes. If you like Woo woo, this is the discussion for you, as we dove into the topics of the nature of our reality, the “NPC” theory- but highly expanded, the work of Andrew Desantis and his crew, and the nature of the Blockchain itself….This was metaphysics at it’s deepest.

After the LIVE show ended, Jeff and I continued the conversation for another hour…. and we got into some pretty heavy shit.  The after-show discussion will be available to members at later today.




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