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Transpicuous views Astrology 2.0 May 4 2019

Once again we assembled the Astrology team for the next edition of Astrology 2.0…. May the fourth be with us all!

BRILLIANT discussion today!!  Amina, Jules, Meghan and I rode this roller coaster all over the place!!  We looked at the financial cycles of the planets, from the beginning of Usury, to the Rothschilds, political upheavals and revolutions, and the templates of the elites to try and recreate their systems of control.  We also got into the magnetics and frequencies between the planets of our solar system and the very interesting science that is now coming up examining these interactions and their effects on our physical biology. … ELECTRIC UNIVERSE BABY!!!! Do NOT underestimate Astrology as a science!!  Every discussion we have amazes me!

Links to the article we discussed are below.




Links Discussed during the show:

Link below is to the flickr images from the 1500’s that Jules showed (some of the images are below)- I couldn’t make the link live as flickr is doing weird shit!




Here’s the Apophis asteroid chart screen shot 13th April 2029.

No photo description available.