Transpicuous News: Monday morning insanity


Well it’s Monday morning and Things are definitely hopping everywhere!  For those of you interested in the “news” and the financial circus, there are a few news stories today that you may want to review.


First up, Russian Elections: Putin wins by a massive landslide

With over 54% voter turn out (something no western nation has managed in two decades), and 99% of the votes counted, Putin has won the election with 75% of the votes, with all the western media immediately jumping on the “dictator” and “Rigged Election” bandwagon.


Vladimir Putin decisively re-elected as Russian president after 99% of votes counted

Incumbent Russian leader Vladimir Putin has secured a landslide victory in the presidential election with over 99% of the ballots counted.

Vladimir Putin is now leading with 76,6 percent of the vote, Ella Pamfilova, head of the Russian Central Election Commission. Pamfilova announced the preliminary results during a news conference on Monday morning. 


But regardless of the stupid election, the true thing of beauty that came out of Russia this weekend was their Minister of Defense’s response to the British Minister of Defense complete retarded and moronic rant…. in case you missed it, here is a visual representation:


No Seriously. …. the British Minister of Defense Gavin Williamson actually said that Russia should  “shut up and go away”, (yes I shit you not).

Here is the response from his Russian counterpart Major General Igor Konashenkov:

“The rhetoric of an uncouth shrew demonstrated by the Head of the British Ministry of Defense makes his utter intellectual impotence perfectly evident.
All this confirms not only the nullity of all accusations towards Russia we have been hearing from London for the last several years but also that the “accusers” themselves are nonentities.
The Great Britain has long turned not only into a cozy nest for defectors from all over the world but also into a hub for all sorts of fake news-producing agencies: from the British “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” to the created by a British intelligence officer pseudo-Syrian “White Helmets”.
As to boorish words of the British Defense Minister regarding Russia, it seems that in the absence of the real results of the professional activity, rudeness is the only weapon remaining in the arsenal of the Her Majesty’s Military.”


…and yet the British and the Americans still can’t figure out why it is that the Russian’s are winning more support publicly in the US and UK than their own politicians…… because at the end of the long day it seems that Russia’s  politicians are able to somewhat act like grown adults and summon up at least a little bit of class.   Not to mention sarcasm.


Financially, two very interesting articles came out today dealing with the European Union.  The first one:

The Perfect Storm for 2020

Weidmann at the ECB, Trump’s trade war, Macron’s failure, Italy’s turmoil
Clouds are gathering: Weidmann will end QE while Macron’s reform will not solve any problem whatsoever. It’ll be the final push for a Eurosceptic Italy, where plans for parallel currencies are popping up. Add Trump’s trade war to the soup and 2020 promises to turn nasty.


….Plans for parallel currencies….. you mean like the new Deutsche Mark?  …(opps, did I say that outloud?)

And European catastrophe number 2:

Goldman Sachs Banker Named Germany’s Deputy Finance Minister

Having populated most central banks with its alumni, Goldman is now aiming even higher: right at sovereign governments, and on Monday morning, a spokesman for Germany’s finance ministry said that the co-head of Goldman Sachs in Germany, Joerg Kukies, will become deputy finance minister in the new German government.


Well, you know, Goldman Sachs pretty much has a pile of European Nations by the balls- they pretty much castrated Greece without anesthetic…. I guess they’re ready to take over the Big Boys now.


But the BIGGEST news on the financial front is not getting very much attention at all this morning, and yet in my opinion, it’s the glaring siren that the starting gun is about to go off.  Several Central Bank regulators and various Government Ministers- and Mark Carney from the Bank of England have sent the G20 douches the “big Memo” that NO REGULATIONS SHOULD BE PUT ON CRYPTOCURRENCIES.


…Let me translate that for you:  We have bought in, we have our holdings all set up and we’re ready to do business…..


On your Marks…. Get set….. GO!!!


Bitcoin jumps $1,000 after recommendation for G20 to ditch regulation

An international group of central bank regulators and government ministers has told the G20 countries that bitcoin poses no threat to global financial stability, sending the cryptocurrency market higher.

The Financial Stability Board’s chairman, Mark Carney, who also heads the Bank of England, has sent a letter to the G20, saying that the organization doesn’t see bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a threat to the global economy. The FSB is an international body that monitors and makes recommendations about the global financial system.


And finally, this article is seriously a thing of beauty.  I’ve just posted some of the highlights here, but I recommend reading the whole thing as the level of sarcasm is truly applaudable.  I may not agree with his conclusions, nor do I think it really covers a lot of the deeper level bullshit that is going on right now… but I’d like to buy this guy a coffee just to say thanks for entertaining me on a Monday Morning.


European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had a moment of clarity once. He famously said, “When things get serious, you have to lie.”

Given the state of affairs in his beloved European Union right now Mr. Juncker and company are doing a lot of lying.

It is rare in politics to get that kind of honesty from a politician, especially one currently in office. But, Juncker’s statement shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who is even a semi-serious political observer. It’s why I find it funny that the Democrats and Antifa-Left get so bent out of shape when Donald Trump exaggerates or outright lies. To him it’s a tactic. Catching Donald Trump in a falsehood is like trying to ladle water with a sieve.
So, by the Juncker Maxim, things must be getting very serious because the amount and type of lies being thrown around by people who are supposed to know better have been staggering.

To the point that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “I simply don’t have any normal terms left to describe all this.”…
…The level of histrionics, lying and insanity over Former Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s firing is telling. From McCabe himself, to his disgraced former boss, James Comey, the level of mendacity, chutzpah and, frankly, evil on display is impressive.
I guess the situation’s been serious for a long time for the lies to come this easily to their tongues.

This week we had the staged walk-outs by high school students over the Parkland, Fl shooting calling for gun control. How desperate are those clinging to power behind the scenes that they’ve turned to weaponizing mal-educated children to do their bidding?…
…How bad is the situation behind the scenes in the financial markets that Goldman-Sachs CEO Lloyd “Doin’ God’s Work” Blankfein suddenly decides it’s time to step down? Derivative book that bad, Lloyd?

Or did you bet that Gary Cohn would get Trump to heel to allow Goldman to finish destroying Europe?

Long-established diplomatic norms and rules of conduct are simply thrown out the window because they need to be to induce hysteria to take people to war, otherwise, a war-weary, anxiety-ridden population will turn on their own governments….
…The Gypsum Lady is trying to save her government by invoking it now. So is Nikki Haley at the U.N., Mika Brzezinski at MSNBC, George Soros and David Brock, the leadership at CNN, Google, Facebook and Twitter. The bigger the lies get, the more desperate you know they are.

All of the Obama administration traitors — Samantha Power, James Brennan, Susan Rice, Robert Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Eric Holder, etc. — lie every time they open their mouths. It their narrative fails it means the end of not only their careers, but the plans of the incompetent globalist oligarchs who fund and power them.

And those are the stakes in play here.

Ye Gods, and I haven’t even brought up the Saudi Arabians, yet. Or the attempted military coup against the U.S. pet in Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, from within his own government, no less.

Talk about gross incompetence!…
…As I’ve pointed out, banks are getting nervous, emerging market central banks are positioned for radical currency defense. Rates are rising and dollar liquidity is falling. Bitcoin and gold are screaming this. If there was ever a time to get to cash it’s now.

The acceleration of events since Putin’s speech on March 1st is itself accelerating. Windows are closing fast. It’s time to get serious




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