TN: Solar & Geomagnetic events- Welcome to the Jungle!

The 25th Solar cycle kicked off with a bang last week, when we had an X1.0 Solar Flare on Oct 28th.  With myself and so many others posting about the solar event, there were a LOT of questions from people who are new to this topic, so I decided to host a special report on Solar events and geomagnetics and their effects on our planet and our selves.  I kept the information very simple, without digging into deep solar physics and all the confusion around this topic.

Tomorrow on the , we'll dig into this subject much deeper and see what kind of interesting questions and theories we can come up with.


Below I've added several of the research pdfs that I mentioned in the report, and I've included a copy of the slide show I used for reference as well.



LINKS and pdfs discussed during this report:

Schumann Resonance:

Heart Math Institute:

And if you really want to go deep into the Solar Physics graphs/info:

I also recommend keeping track of solar events on Suspicious Observers website:


TN Nov 2 Solar Geomagnetic discussion
Cosmic fires and diseases
Clinical cosmobiology sudden cardiac death and daily monthly geomagnetic cosmic ray and solar activity. E. Stoupel et al 17 11 12
solar-geomagnetic effect cardiac
Space Weather and mycardio infraction
influenza solar cycles and vitamin D 2009 Hayes possible reason that we are low
Days of “Zero” level geomagnetic activity accompanied by the high neutron activity and dynamics of some medical events—Antipodes to geomagnetic storms
cosmic rays on biological systems
Biological Effects of Space Radiation