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UPDATE:  Darlins…. shit is about to get real.

On top of the 5, yes FIVE CMEs that went off over the past 48 hours– this morning we saw the sun give up yet ANOTHER X3.9 solar flare


All you guys who’ve been following me since  “the old days” know that I’ve been researching solar physics- specifically the effects on biology and geophysical effects on our planet- since 2011.  in the last 13 years I have NEVER Seen Anything Like This!!

Ben Davidson from Suspicious Observers has given yet another run down of exactly where we stand at the moment and predictions of what we could see over the next 72 hours.  I highly recommend watching all of the SO videos from the past 4 days to comprehend what’s happening (Ben’s latest from 3 hours ago is below), and I also strongly suggest watching our Wellness Naturally Show from a few months ago on the topic of “The Sun, Geomagnetics, and your Heart” HERE:

Speaking personally, Nick and I went out this morning and filled the gas tank on our car, took out cash, and topped up our groceries and supplies.  Tonight, all of our cell phones and external hard drives will be going into black out bags, and all computers, electronics etc… will be unplugged from the walls.  …. better safe than sorry in my opinion.

SIDE NOTE:  We are already in the middle of a proton storm, and the impact of the CMEs hasn’t even arrived yet.

Well darlins, if you watched last nights UnFuckIt Discussion HERE, you’ll know that I opened the show talking about the X Class solar flares that had happened over the past 24 hours and the incoming CMEs.  Right after the UnFuckIt Discusison ended we had yet another X Class solar flare.

Today hasn’t calmed down one little bit.  In the past 48 hours we’ve had 5,  yes FIVE directly Earth Facing X Class solar flares along, with several high level M Class flares, and at least 4 of them have shot CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) directly at Earth.  As of yesterday we were expecting Geomagnetic storms to hit perhaps as early as tomorrow, with mild to moderate levels…. that’s all changed now.  With 4 CMEs about to hit within a short amount of time, we can expect “strong” geomagnetic storms, and I personally expect we could easily hit 8KP.

In the 14 years that I’ve been watching the Sun closely, and monitoring Earth’s Geomagnetics, I’ve never seen this many high level, long duration solar flares happen this quickly before.

…… I think I might put several of my hard drives into black out bags on Friday night.

Below is the latest video by Ben Davidson, Suspicious Observers about the Solar events of the past two days.   ….. and yea, I’ll be grabbing some extra groceries tomorrow as well.



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