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Transpicuous Views: POCKETNET, Getting rid of Censorship


Saturday Night, I asked Daniel Sachkov to come back on Transpicuous Views to take a more in depth look at the POCKETNET platform, to get the latest updates and to host a Q&A with “Pocketeers” to answer the questions that many members have.

POCKETNET is a brand new completely decentralized platform on the blockchain, with it’s own token called Pocketcoin.  There is no central authority or corporation- it is truly DECENTRALIZED, and the platform is run by equal nodes on a blockchain. It is open sourced and is currently run by the group of volunteers with some serious programming and math skills.

At this point, POCKETNET is in Beta testing stage, and as someone who’s been very active on the social media platform almost since it’s launch, I have been extremely impressed.  Not only does it WORK…. it’s simple and easy to set up and to use!

I’d like to invited everyone who’s concerned about “freedom of speech”, censorship, and researching & discussing this world around us, to come over to POCKETNET and discover it for yourselves.

Come on over, set up your account and get your personal key, download the POCKETNET app, or use the online version;  POCKETNET

See you over there!