Transpicuous Views Aug 6 2017: Ancient Stones, Scripts, the Construct & AI

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Journeying deeper down the rabbit hole, yet again, and asking really wild “What if” questions about this reality we are in.  Are some of the massive stone monuments actually part of the original construct?  Are some of the famous stone monuments nothing more that distractions to keep us from looking for the real ones?

We looked at some of the earliest forms of “Scripts”, from Canaanite, to Sumerian, to early Hebrew…. where is the pre-script?  where is the history that shows the development of these languages and scripts?  Or did they just appear, all at once, and perfectly formed?  We also talked about the latest news of both Google (I think) and Facebook and how their “AI” bots developed a new language just for them to communicate in.  Which begs the question: what was this language? What was it based on? And could they have actually tapped into the original language of the “Construct”?


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  1. I was able to go to Stonehenge before they enclosed and controlled it. During my last year in the Military I was posted to Bulford Camp, this would have been 1968/69 time frame, Stonehenge was closed off around 1977 I think. I was able to go right into the Henge and touch the stones and I have to say I did not feel anything special either so I have to agree with you

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