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UnFuckIt: For Those People who missed the point….

Watching all this stuff play out has been interesting, but watching the reactions of people, reacting TO this stuff- all the financial discussions and the UnFuckIt Discussion Wed night- has been VERY interesting. I’ve found that a lot of the comments from people in UnFuckers Unite, and in the various networks and groups etc…, are seemingly making a lot of assumptions ­čśÇ ┬áThe reason that I opened the floor to discussion all of this on Wed night is because so many people were asking about these accounts and looking for information on accessing their accounts, and asking for my opinion. I was also seeing a lot of people, with very little knowledge, seemingly jumping into the fire, without completely comprehending what they were getting involved with.
THAT is why I held the UnFuckIt discussion on Wed night. to make transparent everything that is taking place, and to give people the opportunity to make their own informed decisions.

…. No. “The Band” is NOT getting back together, lol, and I actually have been laughing my ass off at the fact that people are jumping to that conclusion.

More importantly though, I feel that most people completely missed the point of the entire conversation. Many many people have made comments about this discussion, yet their focus seems to come from preconceived notions and beliefs, instead of coming from a place of just observing what is said and HOW it is said.

I’m not going to tell people what to think, or what to do. I will do my damnedest to present information in a way that is as clear as possible. What you DO with that information is your own choice. What you believe about this information, is your own choice. As I said on The UnFuckIt Discussion Wed night: It is time for everyone to DO what they feel they want/need to do- but with full responsibility for their actions. Unity is a vital component right now and putting aside beliefs is one of the biggest steps people need to take in order to move foreward, in my opinion.

Can we put aside our “Beliefs” , “Biases” “Assumptions” and “preconceived notions” and actually DO something – anything- as a united group?

I kinda hoped that people would see this point in this weeks UnFuckIt discussion. I hoped that people might see me talking to Heather and the group and that I could sorta “lead by example”. I mean, if I can put aside my previous history and have an open conversation on this topic, then perhaps others can lay down their own past history and belief structures, and move beyond them as well.

…. Because if we, as a group of beings living together on this fucked up planet/construct/whatever, cannot even come together to have a simple conversation…. then “they” have won. We KNOW all these “divisions” have been created BY “them”, so why are we allowing those Divisions to continue to exist? ┬áThese “Divisions” have been turned into WALLS – and WE built these walls ourselves!! Only WE can tear them down. But in order to do that, we have to finally see the fact that these walls never existed in the first place- that they are an ILLUSION that WE perpetuated, based on a belief(s) that was created by them to Divide & Conquer.

Can we take Responsibility for our Actions? ┬áCan we tear down these Walls? ┬áCan we let go of all the “BeLIEfs” that we have been fed?

The choice is up to each and every person. To let go of the past, and move forward. Or not.  The Choice really is up to you- but so is the responsibility that goes along with that choice.


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