You are currently viewing The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 14th 2022

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 14th 2022

Beware the pendulum swing!  When we know that the “Main stream media” are lying to us, that does NOT mean that the “Alt media” are automatically telling the truth.  Far from it.  I opened last nights UnFuckIt discussion with the latest MAJOR news that thoroughly debunks and completely disproves the “Alt media” lies about Graphene Oxide and parasites being put into the Covid jabs.  I wrote an article on this yesterday which can be found here:

…Yes, we’re all ridiculously busy right now and I get that your time is precious, but it’s important to take 1 hour and watch the latest Del Bigtree video that I discussed in the “Following the REAL  science” article.  I’ve also uploaded this video to Bastyon so that I can guarantee that it won’t “disappear”.

And of course we talked about the “twitter files”, and the latest news out of our insane reality.