The Air Force’s $1200 toilet seat… I mean, cup of coffee

Latest article from Zerohedge…. there are no words really….

Meet The Air Force’s $1200 Cup Of Coffee

Meet the Air Force’s $1200 cup of coffee — or more precisely the $1220 coffee cup which keeps breaking, after which the military simply buys more and more cups. …

If it sounds too absurd to be true a new Air Force Times report begins as follows:

When a mobility airman drops a cup of coffee aboard an aircraft, the Air Force can be out $1,220.

Since 2016, the replacement cost for some of the service’s coffee mugs, which can reheat coffee and tea on air refueling tankers, has gone up more than $500 per cup, forcing the service to dish out $32,000 this year for just 25 cups, recently reported.

The 60th Aerial Port Squadron at Travis Air Force Base recently revealed that it has spent nearly $56,000 to replace broken hot cups over the past three years. The culprit, they say, is a faulty plastic handle known to break on impact. Each time a handle breaks, the Air Force is forced to order a whole new cup, as replacement parts are no longer made.

So the Air Force charged taxpayers $32,000 this year alone for cups with solid gold handles “faulty plastic handles” so that pilots can ensure their tea and Folgers get adequately reheated….

But just when the absurdity of this hits and you think it can’t possibly get any worse…..
From Air Force Times:

Grazier said the Air Force’s exorbitant spending on coffee cups is just the latest example of a DoD-wide contracting problem.

“There’s just this accumulation that happens,” he said. “Right now we’re talking about $1,200 on a coffee mug and two weeks ago we were talking about $10,000 toilet seat covers, and it just adds up.”

Yes, just last month is was made public that the US Air Force pays $10,000 for a toilet seat cover…. I shit you not.

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It would seem that Judd Hirsch’s character may have been a wee bit psychic.





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