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UnFuckIt Discussion Feb 20: Where are we?


And the Mandela Effects- or, “WTF!” Effects just keep rollin’ on in!  I really don’t pay attention any more to all the small MEs that  are constantly discussed on youtube and in groups – but when the major history or geographical changes happen, then I always sit up and take note.  Well…. the maps have changed again, and I’m left asking: Where the hell are we this time?

Beyond the so called Mandela/WTF Effects that seemingly arrive in waves, there is a much deeper aspect to this discussion that seems to get missed when anyone starts talking about “mandela effects”. The statement I made last night is one that I strongly feel we need to examine further: Are all these huge pieces, such as the “flat earth”, the “firmament”, the “mud floods” and “Tartaria” (to mention just a few) actually “mandela/wtf effects”, and is this the reason why some people cannot “see it” vs those who can?   Last nights conversation digs deep into all of these questions and much deeper into the unity factor of this realm/reality that we currently are in. I’ve linked several other videos below for reference.




This aligns with my theory that the “mud floods” and “Tartaria” are from THIS timeline, NOT the original timeline that many of us come from- why? Because if you look carefully at these old maps he’s showing, they are representing the new maps right now that we reviewed last night during the show. Madagascar is the same shape as it is now. The saudi/middle east land mass compared to India is the same as it is now. The place where South America is attached to Central America and the positioning compared to North America is the same as we see it now.

The Residual evidence from the movie “Dazed and Confused”: