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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 21 2022

Happy Yule and merry solstice my friends!

‘Tis the season to be…. depressed?  There is a lot of heavy energetic shit floating around and the UnFuckers dived into the realms of dealing with depression and stress… and then we talked about the latest news, lol!!

UnFuckers’ Members: do not forget about the Christmas Marathon Party this weekend: starting from 2pm UK time Dec 24th and going until who knows when on Boxing Day!! site has been down for most of the past week, but while it’s not “fixed”, it is now accessible to members to get the zoom links for the shows and Christmas Party (on the “zoom meetings” page on the top menu.  If you canNOT sign in, you’ll need to delete your cookies/cache/history first!!

As a side note, my kids are live streaming their Dungeons & Dragons campaigns on Twitch- they launched the channel last night and are doing 3 different one shot Christmas campaigns-over the next few days…. hilarity will ensue!!!  If you’re into D&D please check out their new channel and like and subscribe and all that stuff!!