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UnFuckIt Discussion April 28 2021

Last night was a fantastic UnFuckIt Discussion, everyone was on point and hilarity was abundant!!  From the latest covid ridiculousness, to the rockin’ political stupidity, to the completely brainwashed masses of muggles…. All you can do is laugh, and just keep moving forward in our own reality outside of this shit!

I’ve been talking about Pocketnet since it’s inception since 2019- a REAL decentralized, censorship-free platform, using blockchain technology, with it’s own cryptocurrency.  Pocketnet is about to launch their own video platform with (hopefully soon…) live streaming capabilities.  Their Cryptocurrency: PKoin, is soaring on coinmarketcap- gaining  over 260% !!!!  Come on over and join me for real uncensored posts and discussions on Pocketnet!!!!!    and earn cryptos while you’re doing what you already do on other social media platforms!