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ALERT: the website is down- completely crashed!!

I’m working with the server host  (and our awesome Penny) to restore it. We are currently reinstalling the database but may have lost 2 months of data from the site. This is the 4th time that has been destroyed….. for no reason that the server host companies will (ever) explain. will most likely be down for a day or two….

So I’m sorry everyone, it’s going to be rebuild time on the UU site again. I will keep everyone updated. Once we relaunch the UU site, if anyone who has a membership has any issues signing in, or with their paypal payments, please let me know right away ( dani (at) rts (dot) earth ).  We’re pretty sure that all the members data is intact, but we’ve taken back ups just in case we have to manually re-register anyone.
Again Darlins… I’m sorry.  This shit has gotten just insane.  RTS.Earth has been wiped out twice, and this is the fourth time that has been fucked over.  …I really don’t believe in these kind of “coincidences”.  But onward and upward right?  Rebuilding gives us an opportunity to make things better and stronger and faster…. like the bionic man, lol!!!!  So be prepared for some changes over the next little while.
You know where to find me if you have any questions.
love d