Controlling “Normal”: Programmed to Obey

Control, Control, Control.  It’s not just about the ridiculous “Laws” that are being created to take away your Rights & Freedoms, but the controlling of society so that the people control the people through the use of media, social media, public opinion, your neighbors, teachers, family and friends. “Normal” is what everyone is programmed to want to attain:  a “Normal life”.  And yet what is now considered “Normal” would be considered completely insane by the standards of “Normal” 20, 40, 60 years ago.

Control is how they create the idea of “Normal”



conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal;regular; natural.

serving to establish a standard.



  1. approximately average in any psychological trait, as intelligence,personality, or emotional adjustment.
  2. free from any mental disorder; sane.

“Conforming to the Standard” and “Free from any mental disorder, Sane” , and yet in the past few years we’ve watched them change these exact definitions of “NORMAL” so that anything that goes against the PROGRAMMING is now considered NOT normal.  We watched them create a plethora of “new” psychological disorders, that redefine any questioning of society, any move against “authority”, anyone who stands up for themselves,  or any move that is not inline with the arbitrary statements of “Normal”, so that now anyone can be defined as “Un-Normal” or Insane just for not agreeing with what is “Normal”.  And with social media now being used as a major outlet to define, not only “Normal” but “Abnormal”, we’ve slipped into that totalitarian mindset of “Big Brother is watching you”…. and they’ll report you to facebook etal the moment they see you step across the line into non-programmed “Un-Normal” words or actions.

Do you or your child stand up against authority figures and refuse to back down when someone is infringing upon your Rights & Freedoms?  Like, say…. telling you can’t collect rain water?  Or plant tomatoes in your front yard?  Chances are you could be “diagnosed” as having ODD- Oppositional Defiant Disorder.  Yep, if you question authority, demand justice, refuse to bow to the whims of teachers, authoritarians and would-be rulers, you can now being called “Mentally Ill” and therefore controlled through not only the medical system, but even the judicial system.

…. How are you conditioned to “OBEY”?  Through every aspect of your life, from TV to teachers, Priests & Politicians, Parents and the Public.

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How the Government Conditions Citizens to Obey

By The Daily Bell Staff – June 23, 2017
  • Can you count how many ways the government manipulates people to be the type of citizen they can easily control?

I think that would be impossible to come up with an actual number when every facet of government is dedicated to shaping the citizen in ways contrary to his or her nature.

It ranges from tax credits for having kids to increased welfare for being a single mom; from subsidies for growing corn to mandates to eradicate invasive species. The government is changing citizens’ behavior with incentives and disincentives, which destroys the natural spontaneous order society would otherwise fall into.

The government has basically turned society into a pinball machine which bounces citizens from here to there, taking away control of their destiny. And then, they use their own coercion as an example of why we need more coercion: because people cannot control their own outcomes in life!

Governments and corporations alike know that the best way to mold a person is to start in childhood.

That is why children younger than 6 are being prescribed anti-depressants by the government health care system in Great Britain. Almost 200,000 prescriptions for antidepressants are handed out to children under 18 in Great Britain, almost 13,000 of which go to kids from 7-12 and over 600 go to children under 6 years old!

Yet as disconcerting as these figures are, the UK isn’t the first country to have them. In 2009, five deaths have already been linked to antidepressants in Australian children aged 10 to 19; moreover, 89 recorded adverse reactions in children under nine were associated with antidepressants. Dr. Joe Tucci, Chief Executive of the Australian Childhood Foundation, said: “I cannot think of a good reason why any six-year-old, or younger, should be treated with antidepressants. I think it’s gone up because medication is being used to treat the symptoms and not the cause.”

The actual cause is where the story starts. Why are children so young depressed?

Coercion is arguably the leading cause of all mental health issues. In modern society, children start to feel this coercion as soon as they are born into a society shaped like a cattle pen.

Increasing suicide attempts by children are concentrated around the times when school is in session. The unnatural environment in which they are placed causes extreme stress for many children. The “well-adjusted” ones take to the authority like good sheep, and everyone else gets loaded up with drugs to make them a better citizen.

Later in life, a good citizen will take this lesson to heart. Don’t feel like you fit in? Not happy with your job, spouse, environment? Anxiety, depression, helplessness, anger over things that you cannot control because you feel forced into a life you don’t want?

Drugs. Do illegal drugs and enrich the CIA (and give the government an option to lock you up if they want), or do legal drugs and enrich the government connected pharmaceutical corporations.

It is, however, encouraging to see an increase in home-schooling in the USA, (which could actually be inadvertently fueled by forced vaccination for any children attending public school). About 40 years ago, 40 million children attended public school and under 100,000 were homeschooled. By 2005 48 million children attended public school, and a whopping 2 million were being homeschooled.

Parents who raise their kids to not blindly follow authority are doing a great service. It is tempting for parents to snap, “Because I said so!” to children, but it is better to explain why the rules are what they are whenever possible.

The kids rewarded in school are the ones best at following directions, and the teacher always hates the kid that asks why they have to do what they are told when it doesn’t make any sense. I once had to write a letter home because I didn’t wear my coat at recess. My parents responded by letting the teacher know that at the age of 12, my nerve endings had developed enough so that I could choose if a coat was necessary while running around in 50-degree temperatures for 15 minutes.

But police do the same thing to adults conditioned by the public school system.

If you get pulled over or are otherwise unfortunate enough to come into contact with the police, your life is literally in serious danger if you do not immediately and obediently follow all their orders, even when they have no legal standing to make those demands. Moving your hands out of site, asking why you are being arrested, or simply not hearing or understanding an officer are all offenses worthy of execution in the United States.

The teachers and police who expect blind obedience simply because they are an authority figure are programming the same thing into citizens: that the state must be obeyed, or there will be consequences.

And this same philosophy of shaping the citizen is seen everywhere to varying degrees and molded for different types of people. The newest trend is to police thought crimes by claiming that hate speech is not protected free speech. If you offend anyone, you have committed a crime, if you have a contrary opinion, it is fake news, if you desire any internet privacy, you are probably a terrorist.

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