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The Mandela Effect, Interview with David Guy Levy

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I was invited to be part of a round table discussion last night to talk to the creator and director of the new movie “The Mandela Effect”, David Guy Levi.  We only had 20 minutes to talk to David, and tried to fit in as many of our questions as possible, lol.  The interview was hosted by Brian MacFarlane on his youtube channel, and featured Cynthia Sue Larson, Moneybags73, Digital Scribe and myself.

After we lost Levy due to a technical problem, we continued the discussion about the Mandela Effect, looking at various MEs that have turned up over these past few years, and discussion some of the “quantum” science that could very well play host to why we are seeing these MEs so often now days.

The Mandela Effect movie is set to be released through various streaming networks on December 6th 2019.  From the opinions of a few people who’ve already seen the pre-screening, and our brief conversation with Levy last night, I highly recommend seeing the movie when it comes out.  I think that it will shed a very favorable light on the Mandela Effect theory, and open the doors to deeper discussion and conversations about what is happening and how/why these effects are now spreading wildly through out not just Hollywood and “pop-culture” arenas, but through peoples on lives and reality.

I think that last nights discussion, hosted by Brian, may just be the first in a new series of conversations between many of us, to take a deeper look into the strangeness that is swirling around our reality.  Enjoy!