Transpicuous Views May 14 2017, with Dr. Tarrin Lupo





On last night, I was joined by in a continuation of our epic discussion that started the previous evening when I was invited onto his show “Tarrin it up”, (link below).

Tarrin and I took an in depth look at the physiological changes to our human anatomy, from the “new” skeletal structure to size and placement of various organs in the human body, and discussed what the physical ramifications to these changes could be.  From body pain that has developed without any previous injury or accident, to visual and auditory changes.

We also got into the “woowoo” stuff: and /meditation visions, the reweaving of timelines, and what could be perceived as the absorption of fractals of ourselves back into a singular consciousness.

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Saturday May 13th:   “Tarrin It Up!”- Dr. Tarrin Lupo, with dani arnold mckenny HERE


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6 thoughts on “Transpicuous Views May 14 2017, with Dr. Tarrin Lupo”

  1. Have you heard of Ron Armitron? I have only seen 1 or 2 of his videos because at the time it was a bit much for me to buy into but he has this theory that we are essentially abducted every ten minutes or so and sometimes they don’t put us back right. I couldn’t help but remember that as you were looking at the bodies.

  2. Also…. how do we know the mass awakening hasn’t happened already. Maybe it wont be as obvious and all these people that appear to be asleep are just in the denial phase and they don’t recognize what they just woke up to. I say this because my daughter is really sheltered. My husband and 2 kids are very main stream but the other day my daughter (7) says in the car that her friend says WW3 is coming. Ok so I’m thinking great she catching the fear mongering at school just lovely… not 3 hours later we are playing frisbee in the backyard and I am cloud gazing and i ask her opinion “thats a weird cloud, what do you think” and she says “mom i told you WW3 is coming in the middle of the year” And I just stopped because no “normal” person would put innocent little clouds in the same explanation as WW3 unless they had an inkling of knowledge of cloaked crafts and chemtrails. So maybe some are awake they just don’t know the symptoms and explore it like we do.

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