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Transpicuous Views, Facts vs Fiction: two sides to every story

For a long time I’ve been saying that we need to “Question Everything!”, and to “do our own research”.  This past few weeks I’ve had a sudden realization of just how DEEP we need to go in this and came to a startling personal revelation that I still have many “belief structures” in place that I need to really clear out and research/find answer for myself instead of accepting a given conclusion.  When we realize the depth of the lies of the “main stream media” most of us fall into the trap of swinging to the opposite side of the pendulum.  MSM says this, this and this, so therefore the exact opposite must be true.  Enter: the alternative media.

The best way to sell a lie, is to give 80% of the truth, and either twist it so that the listener immediately lies to themselves about the conclusion, or… twist the conclusion into a lie.  We have been deluged with layer upon layer of this type of information.  We’re given enough of the “facts” so that we can verify it’s existence, and then a conclusion is laid out for us that may or may not actually be real…

In this episode of Transpicuous Views, I dig into some of the “accepted truths” that we’ve been sold and swallowed whole and asking the question: is it really what we have been told it is?



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