Emergency Call Out!!

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My friends, our own John Carl, who’s spent hundreds of hours helping many people with building and running websites, Who is the Wizard responsible for the creation of this website, who Produces my Transpicuous Views show and the UnFuckIt Discussion, and who had spent thousands of hours helping people with Keshe tech stuff, AND has ALWAYS been there to offer technical advice to anyone with computer issues or who needs emergency Zoom support……

…Is about to be homeless!!!

We need to rally around this and do something about it!!  John has been a pillar of support and has been fundamental in helping so many people with so many problems and issues.  He regularly is up all night, producing back to back shows, de-bugging website issues, or even just helping people, regardless of what time it is. I honestly cannot do the work I do, nor expand the RTS Earth Community the way we want to, without JC’s wizardry and careful attention.  John has spent most of his life working to educate people about their TRUE Rights in the areas of “Law” and “Finance”, and has given more to humanity than it probably even realizes. And he Bakes!!

Recently John was thrown under the bus by The Keshe Foundation, after spending thousands of hours providing training and support for users all over the world.  This has left him completely without any means of financial support for himself for the past 5 months.

John has just learned that his current landlord is selling his house and he needs to vacate the premises.  He has no vehicle to use to load up all his belongings (including all his computer gear!!) and he no place to go.  It’s up to all of us to pull together and find the perfect Home for John and his dog Ruff.  John and Ruff are currently in the area of Trail BC Canada and really are not able to move very far away from their current location.

John’s recent comments concerning his needs:

John Anderson: Just to let you know, In order to move I need to deal with the following…
Internet $240
Phone $80
Electricty ~$400 (haven’t received a bill for months)
A truck ~$1200 – $1500 (4 days and mileage so it is really variable)
fuel $200 but I won’t know until I know where to go
New connect fees probably around $400 total

Please help us help a true UnFucker Humanitarian!!

Please donate on the CrowdFunding page here: https://www.youcaring.com/johnanderson-838749  And share the link out in your groups, pages, online communities etc!!  Or Paypal donations can be made directly to pinantanjohn@yahoo.ca


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