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Transpicuous News March 28 2020

Global Updates for March 28 2020

Coronavirus: Travel restrictions, border shutdowns by country

USA: Trump authorizes DoD, DHS to call up reservists to fight virus

Italy: Russian military support ‘much needed’ in Italy’s ‘critical’ battle against Covid-19 – Lombardy VP

Ukraine: thousands of Ukrainians swarm border to get back home ahead of coronavirus lockdown

HEALTH: First train with medical supplies for Europe leaves Wuhan as China eases Covid-19 lockdown

Serbia: ‘Fake news’ that we don’t appreciate EU help, but Covid-19 aid came from China

Australia: Internet cutbacks…. (is it about to happen globally?)(are we about to enter the time of the Bandwidth riots of Ready Player One?)

Disneyland and Disney World Will Remain Closed Indefinitely

US coronavirus death toll leaps to over 2,000 as number of fatalities DOUBLES in 2 days

Russia to ban ALL cross-border travel over Covid-19 pandemic

Germany: No reason to relax: Merkel warns Germans that lockdown WON’T be lifted as Covid-19 infections soar

Zombie apocalypse begins? Naked man breaks India’s national virus quarantine to viciously kill woman in savage bite attack

USA: Trump ‘considering quarantine on New York’

UK: New NI Covid-19 regulations to come into force

Roma: Without safe homes or jobs, Italy’s Roma fear coronavirus impact

Sweden: Despite Coronavirus, Sweden Refuses To Shutter Businesses and Limit Gatherings