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Transpicuous News: Global Update for the past 48 hours

Last night I was moved to start creating a timeline of events in the “Global Shutdown” that is occurring.

I will continue to watch and list the various highlights of the “Pandemic”, and will add some notes from various articles with my thoughts.  I can’t promise that this will be a daily article, but I will try to keep up with it as time permits.  I will also begin to do more recordings on these topics as there are a LOT of different things going on.

This is the note that I posted into several groups that I am part of- specifically the worldschooling groups and families who are traveling groups:

I highly recommend that everyone be prepared for a full lockdown situation no matter where you currently are. The current political situation over the COVID19 “pandemic” is escalating very quickly. My concern is not over the Virus itself, but due to the general public’s reaction, and the actions of Governmental agencies. I have been analyzing the current global actions and it is highly likely that by the end of this next week, almost all governments will place their countries in some aspect of “lockdown”. Regardless of where you currently are, you should have food and necessary supplies to last 2 weeks (if you require medications I strongly suggest having at least 1-2 months supply on hand). This is not about “fear porn”. My recommendations are based on analyzing all the current information and actions of global and local governments and their agencies.

There is a very strong chance that by the end of this week, all EU borders may be closed, and several countries have already shut down all travel into their countries. Due to these shut downs, many of the major airlines are loosing massive stock points, and there is a very high probability that over the next few weeks we could see several more repeats of the Thomas Cook Travel fiasco, stranding travelers globally. Many airlines area already cutting back significantly on flights with even Ryan Air in Europe cancelling over 80% of their flights. Several agencies have stated that most major airlines will be bankrupt by May if governments to not step in with emergency funding.

UK airports warn they may close unless government intervenes

Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports have warned that they may have to close down operations unless there is government intervention to help them weather the coronavirus crisis.

The airports’ call came as the International Air Transport Association (Iata) warned that only about 30 of more than 700 airlines operating commercial flights around the world were likely to survive the next few months of the coronavirus crisis without help.

The three UK airports signed a joint letter to the prime minister warning that they may “have to close passenger facilities and halt operations” and that hundreds of thousands of jobs were “instantly at real risk”. Heathrow, Britain’s biggest airport, employs 70,000 people directly.

Health Notes:  several announcements have been made publicly to stay away from Ibuprofen/Advil if you get coronavirus/fever- this goes along with the fact that they are finally figuring out that a huge amount of people during the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918 died due to Aspirin!!  Ann and I talked about this on Saturday’s impromptu UnFuckIt Discussion

FEVERS are what kill the viruses and bacteria!!

Here’s a review of what you need to know: Being Prepared…. for anything. (re-edited Dec 2018)

Government, corporate, closures/lockdowns since March 15 2020

March 17 2020 7am
Ontario declares state of emergency amid COVID-19 pandemic

17 Mar, 2020 12:37
Norwegian FA confirms UEFA’s postponement of European Championships due to coronavirus pandemic

March 17 2020- 10am
Europe plans full border closure in virus battle

March 17 2020 10am
Stock markets continue to slide

March 17 2020- 4:35am
US halts deployment & recalls troops from NATO’s biggest drill ‘Defender Europe 2020’ due to coronavirus threat

March 17 2020- 5am
Denmark Passes Law Enabling Forced Coronavirus Vaccinations

March 16 2020
Coronavirus: More flights cancelled by Virgin, Ryanair and others

Mar 16, 2020 21:37
‘Stay home!’ France mobilizes 100,000 police to enforce coronavirus lockdown

Mar 16, 2020 19:11
‘We are in a health war’: France severely limits movements for 2 week, cancels municipal elections

March 16 2020
Russia will close borders for foreigners from March 18 to May

Mar 16, 2020, 4:53 pm
Duterte places a third of the Philippines on sweeping lockdown

16 Mar, 2020 17:48
Canada is closed: PM Trudeau locks down country to foreign citizens except US nationals over coronavirus

March 16 2020
EU set to close external borders to non-essential travellers

15:37 GMT
German federal & state govts agree to shutter most shops, clubs, churches

Mar 16, 2020 16:14
Spain & Portugal increase border controls to slow coronavirus spread

16:42 GMT
Greece to quarantine all arrivals from abroad

13:16 GMT
Egypt to halt all flights to prevent spread of coronavirus

Mar 16, 2020 08:00
Germany introduces border checks with 5 countries over coronavirus, still keeps broad-scale exemptions

08:59 GMT
Closing Spain’s borders ‘remains option,’ measures against Covid-19 to be extended beyond 15 days

09:55 GMT
Germany’s Bavaria declares state of emergency, announces €10mn fund to reduce coronavirus impact

10:52 GMT
Hungary to shut borders to international passengers, close cultural & sports events, PM Orban says

March 16 2020-07:39 GMT
Peace Corps to suspend operations, evacuate volunteers worldwide

march 15 2020
Portugal and Spain have halted tourism

March 15 2020
Spain has deployed the army to the streets, ordered its 46 million people to stay home and taken control of private hospitals

March 15 2020
Swiss city-state of Geneva banned gatherings of more than five people

March 15 2020
Turkey’s highest religious authorities suspended Friday prayers in tens of thousands of mosques across the country

March 15 2020
Coronavirus: Germany seals its borders as 100m Europeans on lockdown

15 Mar, 2020 21:00 GMT
South Africa declares Covid-19 national emergency

14 Mar, 2020 19:12 GMT
Denmark & Poland close borders to combat coronavirus