Transpicuous News: Introducing RTS Earth Community

Transpicuous Special, April 27th 2017.

Today I’m taking everyone on a walk through of the new Community. Removing the Shackles now has a permanent home, that will include UnFuckers Unite, Social Media, Forums, Live Stream Shows, and the RTS Earth Classifieds & Shopping Mall. We have also just launched- through the classifieds section- a Barter area, a Freecycle, and a platform!

Communities reaching out to Communities, building local Communities, and bringing people together. THIS is the moment!!

Welcome to Community!



love d

5 thoughts on “Transpicuous News: Introducing RTS Earth Community”

  1. I don’t know how to post or try and write privately to John Anderson, but all login information is unsecure… I am getting warning messages in firefox that the login info is compromised due to the site not being secure…. please delete this once you’ve seen it, as it’s not where I wanted to write it anyway. Just trying to help xxx

  2. Thank you Dani so much. I have been watching you and Lisa for over a year on youtube but had already deleted my facebook account. Now I feel like I have a truly safe place to interact with you and others. 100% unlock love! Thank you again!

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