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Transpicuous News Geomagnetic Update: July 9 2019

The Geomagnetic fuckery has continued with very strange “blasts” coming in the past two days at 8pm and 4am UTC time. Last night, starting at 20:00 UTC we experienced wave after wave of huge blasts that continued for HOURS, abated for a short while, and then started up again at 4am this morning.  I’ve included many links and videos to this article (below) and the Notes from the Astrology group as well.(in Red)



Astrology Notes:

Amina: The planets are lining up with the nodes of the moon today. The sensitive eclipse points in Capricorn and Cancer are triggered by the Sun and Saturn’s current opposition on that nodal axis. Also, the moon is creating a T-Square to those points from Libra. This wouldn’t always trigger such difficulties for us but we are between two eclipses at the moment and the nodes are active now. So this may be tough on our vitality (sun) because limitations (saturn) are in direct opposition. Expect to feel lethargic, tired and possibly old symptoms coming up for review. Cancer rules the stomach and Capricorn rules skin, bones, teeth. We’ve just had moon in Virgo opposite Neptune which makes us feel woozy, tired and even emotional and now it’s entered Libra to join this dance of the planetary face-off. Self-nurture and self love… and dietary disciplining are called for. Try not to over-indulge in comfort food unless you absolutely have too.
This is the exact halfway point between the two eclipses. That’s why now is a bit different.


Meghan: the moon in libra will want to balance and harmonise the opposition at play. The sun on the north node is like “Let me show you the way” but we are distrustful of it because what we are being shown is not what we are used to (a society/place/lifestyle etc where families are supported, to be emotionally aware is strong, where we aren’t kept seperate from our humaness) it feels impossible because Saturn on the south node is putting up major.blocks. It’s like feeling that you are being drug back into oppressive patterns, or you want to do or have something “better” but limitations are coming up

People are trigger happy too. Your mindset can be a ok but physical limitations pop up, especually the Capricorn ones
The moon energy may see people tipping the scales radically in either direction in an attempt to balance out, but actually making things worse
The moon in libra is ruled by Venus. Venus is in square to Chiron – old wounds/patterns involving others/relationships are.popping up as well
People could be a definite source of triggers today
Venus in cancer square Chiron in Aries – some of these triggers have potential to run childhood deep yet again giving us the “swamp gas reflecting the light off Venus…” excuse for the geomagnetic event last night at 20:00 UTC