Transpicuous News April

COVID19 global updates for April 1/2nd 2020

Zerohedge: The World Just Topped 1 Million COVID-19 Infections: Live Updates

“It’s A DISASTER Waiting To Happen”: Hours Before Its Start, The Small Business Bailout Is On Verge Of Collapse

UK: Phone tracking to curb spread is ruled legal

Turkey: Erdogan warns Turkey may tighten measures if ‘voluntary quarantine’ ignored

Virus restrictions in Portugal ‘could last months’ – PM

Malaysia tightens restrictions as infections rate ‘appears to be slowing’ after curbs on movement

Japan expands entry ban to 73 countries, all visitors to be quarantined

Cuba: ‘Criminal blockade’: Cuba outraged as delivery of Covid-19 aid from Alibaba chief aborted ‘at the last minute’ due to US sanctions

Not letting Covid-19 crisis go to waste? US ramps up war on drugs… focusing on Venezuela’s Maduro

Philippines: I’ll send you to the grave!’ Duterte orders police & military to SHOOT Covid-19 quarantine violators who ‘cause trouble’

USA: Pentagon seeks 100,000 body bags as Covid-19 fatalities top 5,000 in US after deadliest day to date

US bought France-bound face masks for CASH from China – French official

Spain: 400 journalists reject ‘control’ of questions at government press briefings in coronavirus-plagued Spain

Russian military plane with coronavirus aid lands in US

Germany to extend coronavirus lockdown and social distancing to April 19

China Puts County On Lockdown After New Corona Cluster Emerges

Panama Introduces Gender-Based Lockdown As COVID-19-Death-Toll Rises

Israel: Riots Erupt In Israel As Police Enforce COVID-19 Quarantine, Synagogues Shuttered

Banks To Make Billions On Small Business Bailout

FINANCE: 2008/9 “Was Just A Rehearsal”

$81 Billion In Rent Is Due Today And No One Knows What Will Happen

Putin Self-Isolates After Shaking Hands With Infected Doctor At Moscow Hospital

Chinese city bans the eating of cats and dogs

Rwanda extends coronavirus lockdown by two weeks

China’s using surveillance to fight coronavirus

Australia: NSW lockdown to be lifted in 90 days as coronavirus cases fall

Canada: Be prepared to stay inside for up to three months, Toronto’s top doctor warns

US jobless claims surge to record 10 MILLION amid coronavirus lockdown

Democratic Party delays US presidential convention until August over coronavirus crisis

EU Commission apologizes to Italy for ‘lack of solidarity’ in tackling its Covid-19 crisis

Life in Czech Republic may get back to normal by June ‘if situation is under control’

‘Deepest crisis ever’: Covid-19’s effect on airlines dwarfs 9/11 fallout, says industry

“This Is Turning Into A Disaster” – Some Americans Might Wait 20 Weeks Or Longer For Stimulus Checks

FINANCE: Instead Of Firing Everyone, Boeing Offers “Voluntary Buyouts” To Its Entire Workforce Of 161,000

British Airways reaches deal to suspend thousands of workers