Transpicuous Views Oct 26 2018- Dani & Ann

  Ann Callaghan and I sat down to have a chat today… I’m very glad that I was recording! We discussed several topics, including: the younger generations and their “disconnection” from what is going on, the idea that this isn’t the first time this “event” has been attempted, and the overwhelming programming of polarities and defensive mechanisms. d    

UnFuckers Movie Night: 2:22

  Last night’s UnFucker Movie was 2:22, released in 2017.  VERY interesting movie about patterns- repeating patterns in the lives of the characters.  Leading to the question: what patterns are we repeating in OUR lives?   d  

Deep Immersion Jan 7 2018, episode 1

EDITED 5:03pm CET:  Sorry darlins I had to pull the video down for a bit to make a slight edit. all fixed now 😀 d This is the first of what we hope will be many more discussions. We’ve decided to call these exchanges “Deep Immersions”: An open conversation and sharing of thoughts and ideas. This episode features Emily Moyer, …

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What Time is it this Time?

    HOLY SHIT!!!! This post just came up in UU AGAIN!! this is the second time it’s been “bumped” or brought forward since the origina post in dec 2016!!! it also reappeared last month as well!!  Here is the link for the Facebook unfuckers  but I will post the contents of the Facebook post that are relevant below …

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