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HOLY SHIT!!!! This post just came up in UU AGAIN!! this is the second time it’s been “bumped” or brought forward since the origina post in dec 2016!!! it also reappeared last month as well!!  Here is the link for the Facebook unfuckers  but I will post the contents of the Facebook post that are relevant below
NOTE THIS!! This was a message sent to Lisa via Facebook on Dec 15th and she received/opened the message on the 18th of December 2016
” Ok get ready to be weirded the fuck out because I honestly was and I’m still confused to what’s going on.  So at 7:30pm tonight I went and laid down to go to sleep, except it didn’t feel like I went to sleep instead I jumped forward by 15 days. At this point I was told by someone that I had never met before that “Lisa M Harrison” would explain everything. I have never heard or seen your name and never looked into anything that you cover on your web page. Now this is super weird because I watched one video in particular which come up in the top google search of your name at the time which covered a time shift where everyone was thinking it was 2017. Now at this point it gets really weird. So go ahead 15 days get told you would explain everything except you have somehow become aware of time loops and how to move between them. You then show me and others how to move through these time loops. The group minus you start shifting through time loops together. I made a decision to send someone back through to a previous date in the time loop we were in and reset it. This happens quite a few times over nearly 2 years real time except we dont go past June 26th 2017 ever. At some point one of us stuffed up somewhere and started shortening time between the loop resets and on June 27th 2017 I get stuck in a 1 minute loop at 5:23pm. Someone comes into the loop and I tell they need to go back and reset the loop to before anything even happens, at this point I jump up out of bed grab my phone and loom at the time.. 7:32pm Thursday 15th 2016. 2 minutes after the original 15 day jump, after what felt like more than 2 years. wTf¿”
NOTE: “This happens quite a few times over nearly 2 years real time except we dont go past June 26th 2017 ever”
The same day that Lisa had this experience (December 18 2016), another UnFucker posted this dream in the UU group:

I had a very bizarre dream last night, they were showing me how to patch 2 time-lines together. It was like they froze everything in the now time-line & then went through a kind of library of alternate time-lines in the future & you had to get the new future one to match up at some point exactly with the old one – kinda like fast forwarding or reversing a video tape till the pictures match up . then when the two are a match you can kinda glue/ seal the new time-line in place & then basically unfreeze everything or press play & you carry on in the newly added time-line none the wiser…..

Fast forward to NOW:

I first talked to Lisa back in early June (2017) about the feeling that there was a “time loop” somehow back to/sorta repeating 2013.   Then the feeling of “looping” starts moving through various groups- with Randy’s post two weeks ago, that we discussed last Sunday on Transpicuous Views  and on  Wed nights UnFuckIt Discussion, about a “Loop” back to 2013…

NOW suddenly,  this original post on Facebook UU by Lisa in December 2016 REAPPEARS as active on the UU group wall?!?  and this isnt’ the first time this has happened!!  This same post also reappeared on the UU FB group wall on May 15th 2017!!!!  And no one can figure out HOW it reappeared, because facebook notifications made it look like it was a brand new post!!  Not only that, but during the first discussion on this post, back in December, the post count kept swinging wildly, with some people only seeing 200 posts, and others seeing 800 or over a thousand comments!!!!  Someone even posted a screen shot of FB showing it over 1000comments in that single topic!!

….. and the entire topic is talking about TIME LOOPS?!? WTF?!

Jumping back to the original discussion in December 2016, here is the One People Show that Lisa and I did the next day:

Here’s what I wrote about this show Dec 19:
One People Dec 19 2016: If we knew then what we know now….
“Each week just seems to get crazier and crazier and this past one definitely didn’t change the pattern. We opened the show last night with two major discussions:
– the “Energy Wave” that washed over “earth” Sunday and Monday, and various theories
the question: did we just get tossed through yet another time loop last week?
Last Thursday “something” happened… no one is exactly sure what it was, but it was experienced all over the “planet” by a shitload of people. People lost time, gained time, looped time and a few even lived through Thursday TWICE! Along with this came weird dreams and people falling sideways…. quite literally.
Lisa and I again delved into the big topic of “if we knew then what we know now…” , if we could have traveled back in time and told ourselves in 2013 all the shit that we would be experiencing, almost daily, in 2016….. would we even have believed ourselves?! The Mandela/Toto Effects? the Time warps? The “visually bizarre” spectacles? The dreams and “seeings” and “doings” of this past 4 years….. no one could possibly have foreseen all of the craziness.”


AND…. this past week people were literally sliding sideways and falling over again, in a seriously huge way…. that would be the week of June 26/27 2017…. the exact dates mentioned in the message to Lisa in December 2016.

Are ya weirded out yet?  ‘Cause holy shit what a ride this has been and I certainly am!! lol.

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