“Sacrificial Virgins”: the Gardasil Vaccine Lie that is destroying a generation

Gardasil Vaccine Documentary “Sacrificial Virgins” Wins World Social Impact Award at Queens World Film Festival

Sacrificial Virgins investigates widespread global concerns over the safety of the controversial Gardasil and Cervarix, which are prescribed to millions of girls (and now boys) in nationwide mass vaccination programmes across the world….

…The ability of the to prevent HPV infection is established but Sacrificial Virgins challenges the claim by the vaccine’s advocates that HPV causes the majority of cervical cancers in later life and that, therefore, vaccination against HPV is a vaccination against such cancers.

The film meticulously picks apart this claim to show there is no scientific proof that HPV causes such cancers.

It questions the justification for the public health risk associated with large-scale HPV vaccination programmes, while also advancing compelling scientific evidence (involving hitherto untried combinations of adjuvant in these vaccines) for the link between the and neurological damage.


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