Transpicuous News:Middle East Insanity, the Bitcoin central bank war & the New American Pirates


I started last night’s with a Rant. The News this past week has literally become something out of a bad B-movie!!  Reality is failing, and failing with it is anything to do with politics, finance, media and rational thinking!! The are being flung out there with a Gatling gun in the hopes of keeping people so completely confused that they won’t know up from down, lies from truth, or reality from a badly scripted movie.  If THIS is our Reality… then we are seeing massive transparency to clearly show us that it just ain’t real!

– The Insanity of the Middle East has reached epic proportions
– the US had decided to try out and out Piracy on the high seas!!!
– the media blitz to drive down the price of
– the new “war” between countries and their central banks over cryptocurrencies.
– South Africa and Zimbabwe, white farmers
– and Venezuela and their new Asset backed cryptocurrency.









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