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New US $1.3 trillion spending bill- What you need to know…


According to this article from Bloomberg, “Spending Bill Goes to Senate Ahead of Shutdown Deadline“: 

“The House passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill that would avert a government shutdown and increase funding for the military, border security and other domestic programs…In 256-167 vote on Thursday, the House sent the compromise measure to the Senate, which could vote by the end of the day or Friday.”

And of course all the Main Stream Media is spinning the usual tripe about how wonderful/awful this bill is, depending on whether they’ve been told by their controllers to agree with it or not, which leaves the public in that murky place of not knowing what to believe or how to feel about it.

Here is all you need to know to fully comprehend what has been done with this “Spending Bill”:

  • The spending bill for this fiscal year has rankled conservative lawmakers who object to increased funds and having to vote without more time to review the 2,232-page text that was made public Wednesday night. 

Yep.  The full Spending Bill is 2,232 pages long, and no one in the Senate will have time to fully read and/or research before they vote on it, AND… no one in the public will have time to fully read and/or research the full Bill to know what their Senator is voting to agree to before the so called “DeadLine” Today.

Further, to put this all into perspective, my friend David Hodgson broke down the fantastical number of $1.3 trillion dollars into a easier to comprehend equation:

“So the US Senate passes a bill the is equal to 1.3 Trillion dollars… As a reference,, it would take 2,737 years, spending a million dollars a day to go through the one trillion dollar amount…”

And for those of us who are more visually oriented, Demonocracy has made this handy graphic to show you what a Trillion Dollars looks like:


Image result for 1 trillion dollars


So basically, regardless of it’s content (which we know is always full of double talk and hidden agendas and funding), the major 2 pieces people need to comprehend is that this “Spending Bill” will add $1.3 TRILLION dollars to the US National Debt, and that the Senators who are voting on whether to pass this bill or not, don’t have a fuckin’ clue what’s actually IN this Bill.

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