Transpicuous News July 14 2017: Virtual Reality

You know me, I look at the timing of things, and the hidden bits and pieces in an article.  When this came out yesterday, I immediately asked “WHY?”, when it’s obviously a rehash of information that we’ve already reviewed all last year…. what’s the “new” piece to this?  ….

…Interesting stuff my friends!!  “Error correcting” codes?  In “Blocks”?   Add that to the very informative article from Wired Magazine that I read a while ago and some of my older theories seem to bubble to new life.  The links and videos are below.

Oh and just to make this more interesting, as I’m waiting for the video to upload, I came across this article about Magic Leap:

“The key thing is everyday adventure,” Devine continues. “Things you might actually want to do with Alice every single day.”  “And it can be Star Wars, it can be Harry Potter, it can be Finding Dory… and I can be a lawyer, I can be a plumber, I can work at Starbucks. I will have everyday adventure added to my life, by an app store of realities.” This is likely a long way off though, remember — the seed of what mixed reality could be. “Iteration in a new medium is a must. It will take us time to get there, to that conversation, to Alice being real. But I see it. I see it in my wanderings. It’s coming. It’s there. We will have that.”…..


…. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?

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The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup





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  1. You left with the same question that popped into my mind and occurred to me as happening. One further aspect is that if they intend to shock us all out of the VR we are in then they also need to show us a door…. A lot like happened in Marvels Agents of SHIELD..!!! 😉

  2. All of this information is given in disclosure in the video game (non-VR), Dreamfall Chapters. It is the most telling video game ever of all that has occurred and is occuring for us personally. I didn’t play it, I watched Cry play it.. for those who don’t know of youtube letsplayers, it’s Cryaotic. It’s the story of this headset that everyone is forced to wear/ get hooked up to and is a full VR headset. China has taken over the US and soldiers are everywhere. There are alternate timelines in all times simultaneous where you switch between playing multiple characters in the game in different time periods who work together to move out of this “reality”, much like how the characters in Sense8 connect but not distorted, as it would actually occur. I highly recommend everyone watch this on youtube by Cry (he knows all that’s going on in the world) or play it for yourself.

  3. Facebook really can’t decide how much VR should cost

    Down, down, down the price of the Oculus Rift goes.

    On the heels of a temporary $200 price cut, today Facebook’s Oculus has announced that the Rift and Touch will be receiving a permanent $100 price cut, bringing the bundled price of the virtual reality system down to $499 once the summer sale is over. The company has also announced that it will now be bundling the two products in a single package.

    Consumers who see VR as too expensive will undoubtedly welcome the news, but to onlookers the move does leave questions about what exactly is happening over at the Facebook-owned virtual reality company.

    The move seems to be one focused on moving units at a quicker pace, something that may be being prioritized more heavily as Facebook begins to align its core brand with Oculus through initiatives like its social VR app, Spaces, and takes the entire company under its organizational wing as it did when CEO and co-founder Brendan Iribe stepped down in December to be replaced by Hugo Barra, who took on the new role of VP of VR at Facebook.

    This is the second significant price slash in four months for the company’s flagship product. As recently as February, Oculus was charging $599 for the Rift and $199 for the Touch controllers.

    The problem for high-end VR headset companies like Facebook’s Oculus is that they can only do so much to keep the pricing low as would-be consumers are also burdened with the need to purchase expensive desktop PCs to power the headsets, which these days seem to run around $700+.

    This is largely the appeal of standalone systems like the company’s yet-to-be-productized “Santa Cruz” prototype, which relies on integrated compute and tracking systems that allow users to freely roam without being tethered to an external PC or other hardware. Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that the company was working on a $200 all-in-one device that would operate similarly to Samsung’s Gear VR headset but would not rely on a smartphone to power it.

    In June, Sony announced it had sold more than a million PlayStation VR units. Both Oculus and HTC have chosen not to release sales numbers for their headsets, though most analysts believe HTC’s $799 Vive is continuing to sell better than the Rift.

    A large problem for Oculus was the loss of word-of-mouth momentum that followed their failure to release the motion-tracked Touch controllers at launch in March of 2016. While the Vive shipped in April of 2016 with motion controllers based on Valve’s SteamVR tracking technology, Oculus didn’t begin shipping its offering until just this past December, a delay that brought many to see HTC as virtual reality’s most premium option.

    Despite the delay, Oculus has seen very positive reviews for Touch and a near 1:1 attachment rate. An Oculus executive reiterated to TechCrunch in an interview earlier this month that nearly every existing Rift user had purchased a set of Touch controllers. An Oculus spokesperson has confirmed to TechCrunch that Touch will still be available as a separate unit at its $99 price. It appears that Oculus will no longer be including an Xbox One controller in the bundle.

    Two price cuts later, Oculus’s full setup is a whopping $300 cheaper than the Vive, which still stands at $799, and thanks to some software wizardry bringing down minimum PC requirements, it’s quite possible to get a full Rift VR setup (headset + PC) for less than $1,000; whether even that is low enough is the big question.

  4. Talk about being in a game…Wow!..Read this series of books by *Terry Schott*about exact same thing…Read all the books..about eight of them..The first one called..*The Game* think the first one is free on Amazon..blew me away..think I’ll read them again…: )

  5. I am whapped with- “They” are building a new Construct – strongly. Futurama, Stargate SG-1 (Season 2 Episode 4 “The Gamekeeper”) and other movies and TV series all were drip-feeding this concept as a Good Thing for various reasons.

    From the 2 articles, the following really stood out for me, mostly the words used (in caps)-

    When talking about the goggles/glasses problems with them- “No one is conscious of this optical mismatch, but over long use the subconscious misalignment may contribute to frequently reported discomfort and WEAKEN THE CHAIN OF PERSUASION.” (“Chains of persuasion” is said twice in this article.)


    “Once this small display PERFECTS REALISM…”

    “The best experiences I had in VR or MR involved at least one other person. MORE PEOPLE made it BETTER.”

    “We’ll look back on 2020 as the VR era, but in the next five years I’m bracing for the INEVITABLE trough of DISILLUSIONMENT in the HYPE CYCLE.”

    “Abovitz believes that SYNTHETIC REALITY is the ultimate HUMAN MEDIUM because it is so DIRECTLY WIRED TO OUR BRAINS.”

    No. Fuck no. New programmers in human suits. Who will be the Controllers in the “New Game”wearing human suits?

    I need a shower…

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