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Transpicuous News July 14 2017: Virtual Reality

You know me, I look at the timing of things, and the hidden bits and pieces in an article.  When this came out yesterday, I immediately asked “WHY?”, when it’s obviously a rehash of information that we’ve already reviewed all last year…. what’s the “new” piece to this?  ….

…Interesting stuff my friends!!  “Error correcting” codes?  In “Blocks”?   Add that to the very informative article from Wired Magazine that I read a while ago and some of my older theories seem to bubble to new life.  The links and videos are below.

Oh and just to make this more interesting, as I’m waiting for the video to upload, I came across this article about Magic Leap:

“The key thing is everyday adventure,” Devine continues. “Things you might actually want to do with Alice every single day.”  “And it can be Star Wars, it can be Harry Potter, it can be Finding Dory… and I can be a lawyer, I can be a plumber, I can work at Starbucks. I will have everyday adventure added to my life, by an app store of realities.” This is likely a long way off though, remember — the seed of what mixed reality could be. “Iteration in a new medium is a must. It will take us time to get there, to that conversation, to Alice being real. But I see it. I see it in my wanderings. It’s coming. It’s there. We will have that.”…..


…. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?

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