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Dani in San Diego!

Good day darlins!!

So I’m back in Houston after the So Cal Archaix Expo in San Diego.  Currently sitting at the kitchen table with Jason, Martin, Dawn and Max Igan…. taking a bit of a day off after 5 days of insanity, lol!!

The entire event was live streamed on the Archaix YouTube Channel.  Unfortunately, while the sound in the auditorium was fabulous, the mic for YouTube…. not so much.  I recommend listening to the live stream using a headset.  Here is my talk from the Expo, from the YouTube Live Stream, timestamped at 1:18. …. but the whole day is really worth watching!!

I will be back in the UK this weekend so next week we’ll be returning to the regular shows: same bat time, same bat channel.

NEWS!  I’ve just launched a new Library thumb drive!! (video below)

Being Prepared Library Thumb drive

When the world is going to hell in a handbag, it’s time to Be Prepared and to LEARN  and COLLECT KNOWLEDGE!

Introducing the “Being Prepared” Library- everything you need to know to be SELF RELIANT in a world gone crazy.  This USB thumb drive is 54GB with almost 3000 books on every subject you need to know about.