Covering Earth with a “SunShade”: Solar Geoengineering


Solar Geoengineering is a thing folks- and it seriously official now!!


Main Stream Media and multiple “Science” outlets and websites are all running the same story:  Scientists want to spray a huge “Sun Shade” of reflective particles over the Earth to stop “Global Warming”.

…. Have I suddenly looped back to 2015?  The reason I’m asking is because by 2016 the official wording was shifted to “Climate Change” because the entire theory of “Global Warming” had been completely DEBUNKED.

These articles lay the entire “Chemtrail” Agenda out absolutely clearly.  So clearly that no rational thinking person can now possibly doubt the existence of “Chemtrails”.


Scientists to build GIANT SUNSHADE for the Earth in astonishing bid to stop global warming

SUNSHINE could be dimmed in an astonishing attempt by scientists to curb climate change. Then experts are hoping to discover if a man-made chemical sunshade would be less risky than a harmful rise in global temperatures.

Solar geo-engineering, which would mimic big volcanic eruptions that can cool the Earth by masking the sun with a veil of ash, is now dominated by rich nations and universities such as Harvard and Oxford….

…Lead author Atiq Rahman, head of the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies, said: “The overall idea (of solar geo-engineering) is pretty crazy but it is gradually taking root in the world of research.”

The solar geo-engineering studies may be helped by a new $400,000 research project, the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI), which is issuing a first call for scientists to apply for finance this week. The SRMGI is financed by the Open Philanthropy Project, a foundation backed by Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook, and his wife, Cari Tuna, the scientists wrote.


(… and What else is the “Open Philanthropy Project” also funding?)


Open Philanthropy Project awards $11M to protein designers for universal flu vaccine

and the punchline:


“Among proposed ideas, planes might spray clouds of reflective sulphur particles high in the Earth’s atmosphere.”


Another Article:


Developing nations to study ways to dim sunshine, slow warming

….A U.N. panel of climate experts, in a leaked draft of a report about global warming due for publication in October, is skeptical about solar geo-engineering, saying it may be “economically, socially and institutionally infeasible.”

Among risks, the draft obtained by Reuters says it might disrupt weather patterns, could be hard to stop once started, and might discourage countries from making a promised switch from fossil fuels to cleaner energies.


Here are two of the recent Studies being done on “Solar Geoengineering”


Solar geoengineering as part of an overall strategy for meeting the 1.5°C Paris target


Solar geoengineering refers to deliberately reducing net radiative forcing by reflecting some sunlight back to space, in order to reduce anthropogenic climate changes; a possible such approach would be adding aerosols to the stratosphere. …


Tailoring Meridional and Seasonal Radiative Forcing by Sulfate Aerosol Solar Geoengineering

We study the possibility of designing solar radiation management schemes to achieve a desired meridional radiative forcing (RF) profile using a two-dimensional chemistry-transport-aerosol model. …Globally averaged RF normalized by the sulfur injection rate (the radiative efficacy) is largest for injections at high altitudes, near the equator, and using emission of H2SO4 vapor into an aircraft wake to produce accumulation-mode particles. 

If Those aren’t enough “studies” here is a link to a list of 50 studies on “Solar Geoengineering” from this one site alone:


Let’s look at some past history:

The 1971 U.S. patent #3,630,950 “Combustible Compositions for Generating Aerosols, Particularly Suitable for Cloud Modification and Weather Control and Aerosolization Process” by Henry M. Papee, Alberto C. Montefinale, Gianna L. Petriconi, and Tadeusz W. Zawidzki 

“…we have found that aluminum sulfide, which forms during combustion of compositions containing powdered aluminum and sulfur, is a very good ice-nucleating substance.”….

…In the mid-nineties, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories scientists Edward Teller, Lowell Wood and Roderick Hyde wrote a series of papers calling for the spraying of megatons of aluminum to save us from global warming. The mid-nineties was when reports of chemtrail spraying in American skies began pouring in.

In their 1997 paper “Global Warming and Ice Ages,” the Livermore Labs trio wrote, “It has been suggested that alumina injected into the stratosphere by the exhaust of solid-rocket motors might scatter non-negligible amounts of sunlight. We expect that introduction of scattering-optimized alumina particles into the stratosphere may well be overall competitive with use of sulfur oxides; alumina particles offer a distinctly different environmental impact profile.”



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