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Solar Event Update, May 12 2024

SOLAR UPDATE- May 12 2024 at 9am UTC

Good morning darlins, so things have calmed down slightly as far as our geomagnetic shield and the sun is concerned. Since yesterdays 2 X class flares during the night and around noon, we’ve had a couple more M class flares from sunspot 3664, but it’s been about 18 hours since the last X class flare. The geomagnetic KP index is falling a bit- we are currently in 7kp, which is still a strong geomagnetic storm. We are still waiting for the impact of the last  of 7 CMEs to hit earth, so we can expect that the KP will jump up again today when that plasma blast arrives. The predicted geomagnetics are in high level storm mode for at least another 24 -36 hours.

AND…. 3664 is rotating around the limb of the sun away from direct Earth view. Most of the solar flares it’s spit out have produced full halo CMEs which means that while it’s no longer directly Earth facing, any impacts could still have effects on Earth for a little longer.  The probabilities are still showing a 75% chance of another X Class solar flare.

I’ve embedded Ben Davidson’s latest solar update from last night, below.  The most important piece of info, in my opinion, is that auroras were seen as low as Puerto Rico – it’s been over 100 years since we’ve seen auroras this far south, and that’s yet another indicator of just how massive this solar storm has been, and just how weak our geomagnetic shields are.

By the way, it’s not HAARP.  HAARP has a very small range, in the realms of hundreds of miles.  HAARP cannot cause “northern lights” all over the world. As for the announcement of the aurora experiment that HAARP was purported running from May 8-10, it’s NOT listed on the HAARP site, and the information seems to have come from one website:   

Long story short:  while we’ve had our geomagnetic load lightened a small bit, this is still an ongoing solar/geomagnetics storm, and the effects can still be felt all over the world.  And…. the geophysical aspects of these types of events will be seen over the course of the next couple of weeks: earthquakes, large storms, volcanoes etc…