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RTS Earth has a facelift and a new dress

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The site has had an overhaul. John has switched us over to the “Beta test” program now (it had overwhelming support against the “BuddyBoss” template we originally started up with).

Please take some time to take a look through, and to play with it as you will. Any comments or suggests are appreciated (please post them as a comment on this article). As I’ve said before (ad nauseam, lol), occasionally we are having issues with members personal email servers labeling emails as “SPAM” and there is literally nothing we can do about that. We are manually, every few days, going through the lists of “pending members” who haven’t responded to the automatic email authorization (under the assumption that their email host may have blocked the email). We will continue to do this over the next few weeks until everyone who wishes to join RTS Earth has done so.

I will be changing the setting on the new social media program that will make all members “Friends”.  This will make it much easier for everyone in the long run, as 99% of members are UnFuckers anyway, and it’s easier to “unfriend” a couple of people VS sending friend requests to hundreds 😀  This setting will stay this way only for a short period of time, while people are getting settled into the new home of UnFuckers Unite.  Once we’ve gotten over that hump, I’ll re-set the “friends” to manual again.

At this point, the “UnFuckers” area is pretty much mostly a storage spot, and a place that we will focus on in the future. The new Official UnFuckers Group is in the main RTS.Earth site. 😀
Feel free to make your own specialized groups.
The Forum is also available to use as a discussion platform on specific topics, to post articles for discussion or even to create archives of links and videos and articles on set topics.  

In the next week I will be holding a meeting to bring all the site Moderators up to speed on everything.  If you’d like to volunteer to be a Mod, please write a comment below 😀

And we still need a few volunteers to help with administration of various sections of the site, notably the Wiki, and the School (and just basic wordpress stuff as well!).  Please let us know if you would like to help out!

More Updates are coming soon 😀

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