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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 5 2021

Welcome back to the UnFuckIt Discussion, where no topic is taboo and everything is tossed onto the table to be scrutinized and dissected.  Is the media lying to us?  Oh yes they are.  Is the Alt Media lying to us?  Yep, them too!  Last night we talked about the latest insanity in the News, we lamented the failures of technology as it seems that everything is breaking down, and we dug into the extreme weirdness of the past few days/weeks, where it’s felt like we’re being ripped through different timelines, in the middle of frequency wars.  Oh the fuckin Insanity!!!!

To everyone who tried to join us on the LIVE Stream, I’m very sorry- Zoom would NOT connect to the LIVE Stream on POCKETNET last night, no matter what I tried, and it glitched for the whole discussion, flashing “connected to Live Stream” every few seconds for the whole 2 hours!!


The event in Birmingham that I’ll be speaking at on Sunday Aug 22:

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