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UnFuckers Library now available!

As the shitstorm grows on all fronts, being informed and having knowledge to be able to deal with any situation that can come up is vital to being prepared for anything. The internet is getting worse, and with solar activity on the steep rise there is good chance that sometime in the near future, getting online to find information may not be possible- either in the short term or long term. This means that now, more than ever before, it’s important to have the information you need on hand, and accessible wherever you are.

I’m putting out an “offer” at the moment: with a “DONATION” of £100.00 pounds sterling or more, I will send you a hard drive with the ENTIRE UnFuckers Library on it!

I have been collecting and building this Library for over 8 years now, and I am continually curating it to add more and more books, documents, and research papers. As it sits at this moment, the Library contains over 26,000 books and documents, and is over 117GB in size!!

The books and documents are organized into subject matter folders, and covers all the topics/subjects I could think of, from everything related to Health, to History, to Sciences, to Education….. including a massive collection of “DIY” books on everything from Plumbing & Electrical, to Car Repair, to Carpentry, to Knitting/Sewing, to Building your own boat. … a huge Library on every aspect of Farming and Growing your own foods. I have also collected and curated what I believe might be one of the most comprehensive “PREPPER” Libraries in existence, loaded with EVERY topic you could possibly need to live off grid!!

And for just simple pure enjoyment of reading, the Library also includes a “Fiction by author” file that has over 16,000 books!

To get your own hard drive UnFucker Library, you can make a donation HERE:

As soon as your donation is made, I will email you (from dani (at) ), to get your postal address and to give you an approximate shipping date. It will take approximately 2 weeks to process and get the first batches of hard drives shipped out, as the transfer process takes many hours for each drive. If you have any questions, please give me a shout, on messenger, telegram (@DaniArnold), POCKETNET (@Dani) zoom or via Email: dani (at)