UnFuckIt Discussion, July 29 2020

The end of July and the Insanity continues across the world….

…I’ll let everyone know when UnFuckersUnite.com membership is ready to be relaunched and the Library is up and running!


Facebook group: Solar, Cosmic rays, & Geomagnetic effects on biology

Monty’s YouTube Channel:  Wafer Thin Entertainment

1 thought on “UnFuckIt Discussion, July 29 2020”

  1. I would like to see a compilation of books and maps covering the forgotten Kingdom of Tartaria. The UAP fellow posts a lot of this informagton. With the new chronology is this Atlantis? Energy centers with pipe organs hijacked into churches. Beautiful “Greco-Roman” huge stone buildings with no indoor plumbing or with “fireplaces” without chimneys. Did they levitate? Did they capture atmosphere electrical energy? Was there a mud flood that buried so much? Was this the last reset since no one seems to have ancestors beyond the 1750s. Did the Grey Men eradicate our history from “1200 AD” on while tricking us into Bondage? The printing press in the West started in 1540’s. Most books are less than 250 years old, no?

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