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UnFuckIt Discussion, April 14 2021

Another week of exponential insanity has gone by.  Transparency at it’s finest as the CDC and various governments scramble to convince people that it’s perfectly normal to have an adverse reaction to a vaccine.  UnFuckers were up and down rabbit holes last night like a hare on speed, lol.  From Alien/ET disclosure, to the illegality of lockdowns and “mandatory” vaccines, to the vast cognitive dissonance that so many of the public are experiencing due to literal brain washing and programming campaigns.  We also talked about “community” – what are we doing to actually move forward?  To take control of our reality and step into the future we want to exist in….  This will definitely be an expanded topic over the next few months as my prime focus is to work towards building real community, to share knowledge and experience and spread that information forward to others.






The Greater Reset: